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Local DJs bid emotional farewell to R Kelly’s Ignition Remix


DJs at local nightclubs across the world have played R Kelly’s Ignition Remix for the final time, following his indictment on numerous sexual abuse charges.

The R’n’B anthem that has been a staple of provincial club nights since 2003 faces mandatory retirement in the face of serious allegations against the artist.

“It’s terrible news,” said Trevor Hurley a resident DJ at Goodfellaz nightclub in Romford, who paid an emotional tribute to the song that has been a part of his life for more than 15 years.

“I’m shocked, obviously, and it might take years for us to grasp the scale of this, but we face a bleak few months without being able to play this song.

“The thought that we will likely have to retire this track forever hasn’t really hit home yet – not to mention Bump N Grind.

“We observed a minute’s silence at midnight on Saturday, before playing the song in its entirety for what looks like the final time.

“There were tears, of course, and a lot of the regulars from Carphone Warehouse couldn’t bear to be in the room, but in these dark moments we will remember the good times.”

According to reports, Kelly faces serious charges and if found guilty it would surely spell the end of his illustrious career as a singer, but many still have hope that the scales of justice will tip in his favour.

“I desperately hope that these extremely troubling claims are untrue, because I simply can’t get through a shift without playing Ignition Remix,” one DJ who wishes only to be identified as ‘Gary’ told us.

“All of us in the DJ community are hoping for another miracle, like what happened when those weird cases against Michael Jackson all suddenly got dropped for some reason.

“If justice hadn’t been served then, we wouldn’t have been able to play Billie Jean every night for the past 35 years and it’s debatable whether the Walkabout chain would have even existed.

“For the sake of senior sales executives everywhere, we can only pray that R Kelly receives similarly good legal advice in his upcoming trial.”