Home Science Baby holding “I’m six weeks old” sign grasps intricate concept of time

Baby holding “I’m six weeks old” sign grasps intricate concept of time


An infant human being, who has not yet developed hand-eye coordination, has evidently grasped the complexities of space-time, according to reports.

The baby, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was pictured on Facebook this afternoon holding a card bearing the sentence: ‘I am six weeks old’ – demonstrating that she understands not only that she is a sentient being that exists, but that there are measurable units of time that she has existed for.

“It’s very unusual,” Doctor Eric Table of Kings College Hospital said.

“It seems that this baby has apparently bypassed potty training and even basic speech before getting stuck into the tangled theoretical web of space-time.

“We don’t see six-week-olds eating solids, let alone getting a solid grip on philosophical arguments about the impermanence of all things, as this child is clearly doing.

“It’s absolutely fascinating and we can’t wait to see where this leads in the field of neurological science.”

While the picture has caused quite a stir online, the child’s parents are unfazed by the attention and were at pains to appear modest about their daughter’s extraordinary achievements.

“We literally wrote it on a bit of paper and rested it on her flailing potato of a body,” her father said.

“She shat herself mere moments after the picture was taken – I don’t think she’s that clever to be honest.”

More on the genius baby as we get it…