Home Business ‘Competitive’ job salary so good it must be kept secret

‘Competitive’ job salary so good it must be kept secret


A job vacancy advertised online has a salary that is so impressive that it must be kept secret at all costs.

The role of Junior Marketing Assistant at media giants Tolercom is said to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the right candidate with an economics degree and 15 years experience in a similar role.

“The salary is actually so good that most people wouldn’t believe it anyway,” Brad Threnton, CEO at Tolercom said.

“If we put the exact figure online, it would only cause mass hysteria and we’d be overwhelmed – it would be impossible to find the high-calibre candidates.”

Tolercom denies suggestions that it would not disclose the figure because the meagre total would embarrass the company and discourage jobseekers from applying in the first place.

“Our Junior Marketing Assistants are vital to our business and without them some of us would barely have two cups of tea a day,” said Threnton.

“Most of them live in trendy, up-and-coming areas, within just two or three hours travel from the office in luxurious six-person flat shares.

“The idea that such an important job doesn’t pay enough to survive is laughable when you consider the price of Super Noodles.”