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Men named Louis urged to just agree on one way to pronounce it


Men called Louis have been told to collectively pick one pronunciation and be done with it.

A referendum held on Thursday ended in a 98-2 victory in favour of agreeing a singular way of saying the name.

“It’s about time they just picked one to be honest,” said Barry Glover, a leading activist for the ‘Louis Means Louis’ campaign.

“We can’t go around with half of them being ‘Louis’ and then have a bunch of anarchists expecting to be called ‘Louis’ like some French prince.

“I mean, you see an email from Louis these days and you don’t know where you stand or what so-called PC term you should be using.

“I am beginning to resent my own son, Louis, these days for his views – I just want my Louis back.”

Louis Greenballs, a spokesman for the group ‘Louis Brotherhood’, had a different view.

“I don’t really mind whether someone calls me Louis or Louis to be honest,” he said.

“If they call me Louis, I’ll just correct them and say that actually it’s pronounced Louis and we can both get on with our lives – it’s no big deal.

“I can understand it’s awkward for people who don’t identify as a Louis who might feel uncomfortable around a Louis or even a Louis, but really I think it’s 2019 and about time society just accepted Louis’ from all walks of life.”