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Normal person watches Prime Minister’s Questions


A normal and sane human being has intentionally watched Prime Minister’s Questions as it happened, according to reports.

Fanny Pringle, a retail manager from Stockport, tuned into the live feed from parliament on her day off after seeing the hashtag PMQs trending on Twitter.

“I was having a poo when I saw the acronym was trending,” she reportedly told the press at a briefing earlier today.

“I’d eaten a lot of meat, so had time to kill and I followed the live stream.

“Turns out it’s completely mental, right, so basically there’s a scruffy old man who shouts at an old lady in this kind of small wooden stadium with a big gold stick in the middle – I guess that’s the prize or something – and then a jolly old umpire in the middle occasionally tells people off.

“I didn’t really get why the crowd made sheep noises, but from what I could tell the aim of the game is to get the old woman to actually answer a question.

“Nobody won this week unfortunately – I don’t think I’ll be tuning in again to be honest.”

Political correspondent Stephanie Fergal was surprised to hear the confession but said that it did happen from time to time.

“Occasionally you get otherwise sane people who seek it out but mostly it’s just journalists and freaks that watch it,” she said.

“I wouldn’t recommend it to the general public, because ultimately it’s an embarrassing spectacle of adult babies publicly wetting themselves, where nothing actually happens or gets resolved and you only come out the other side utterly frustrated and tired.

“I think Jeremy Kyle is on at the same time so just watch that instead.”