Home UK ‘Brown Sauce’ to be renamed ‘White People Sauce’ following complaints

‘Brown Sauce’ to be renamed ‘White People Sauce’ following complaints


Brown Sauce manufacturers are now legally obliged to label the product ‘White People Sauce’ following backlash from ethnic minority communities.

A campaign called Sauce of Controversy has pressed trading standards to enforce a name change, arguing that merely naming the condiment ‘Brown’ is offensive to people with brown skin.

“Naming a sauce that tastes like feet dipped in vinegar after the skin colour minority groups is absolutely sickening this day and age,” campaign chief Barry Glover said.

“It wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t something that was consumed solely by white people – brown people would simply never eat anything that tastes like ketchup that has been pissed in and left out in the sun.

“I’m delighted that we have affected change and would like to thank HP and Daddy’s for their cooperation in bringing their businesses into the 21st century.”

Trading standards confirmed the new regulations have come into force with immediate effect.

“From today, this type of sauce will need to be labelled ‘White People Sauce’ instead of its original name,” a statement read.

“We take the concerns of all communities very seriously and in deciding this new name we feel like we have been respectable to everybody.

“After ‘honky sauce’ and ‘cracker sauce’ tested badly in focus groups, the more racially sensitive option was unanimously agreed by our panel and we’re delighted with the change.”