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Game of Thrones stuns fans by introducing black character that isn’t a slave


The latest episode of Game of Thrones has left fans shell-shocked once again by introducing a new main character who is black but isn’t originally some sort of slave.

In true Westeros style, viewers were caught completely off-guard by the unpredictable twist, in which the Black Knight established himself as a leading protagonist.

“It’s encouraging to see such a popular show making moves towards better representation,” equality activist Barry Glover said.

“However, while it’s positive that the character doesn’t begin his story as a slave like all the others have, clearly calling him the Black Knight is a bit on-the-nose, even for such a crude approximation of the middle ages.

“Making the character evil and a unifying hate figure for all the white characters feels like it could be problematic, so we’ll have to see how his story pans out.

“We also would have preferred them to cast a talented young black actor rather than applying CGI blackface to Tom Hiddlestone, but such important change rarely happens overnight.”

There were mixed reactions among the shows fans, with some claiming the show has lost its way.

“The Black Knight has completely ruined the show for me,” said superfan, Alison O’Mally.

“I’m sorry, but you just wouldn’t have had a black person wielding such power in that era of this particular fictional quasi-medieval deranged fantasy world.

“They should stick to more believable storylines like ice zombies, dragons and magical ghost babes.”