Home Politics Jeremy Corbyn presses for Brexit to be decided in Sharia court

Jeremy Corbyn presses for Brexit to be decided in Sharia court


Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has piled pressure on Theresa May to break the Brexit deadlock by putting the decision to a Sharia court, it has emerged.

Talks between the prime minister and the leader of the opposition have broken down as neither side is willing to compromise of their red lines, leading Corbyn to reach out to his constituents at the Finsbury Park mosque to fast-track the formation of a Sharia court to pass judgement on the issue.

“We’re delighted that Imam Corbyn has reached out to us,” Hameed Bin-Highbury, leader of the Emirates Revolutionary Front fringe group told us.

“For too long our views have been ignored and now we will have a say on the future direction of Great Britain, starting with banning bacon.

“Brexit has divided the nation and we feel that the best way to bring everybody together is by gathering for prayer five times a day in local mosques, that we’ll build using the £350m a week that becomes available once we leave the EU.

“We will take back control for the people of this great country and place it in the merciful hands of Allah.”

Mr Corbyn would not be drawn on the nature of his discussions with the Prime Minister, but reaffirmed his personal position on Brexit.

“We are committed to delivering a smooth, jobs-first Brexit, but equally we want to leave the door open to no deal, a people’s vote and hard-remain,” he said.