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Cleaners excited for office reshuffle


A cleaner working for an insurance firm has expressed his eager anticipation of an office reshuffle, in which he hopes to get given a different job for which he’s woefully unqualified.

Having seen reports of the government’s most recent cabinet reshuffle on the news, Phil Furk is looking forward to it happening at his workplace.

“To be honest, I had no idea this was a thing,” he said.

“The idea that people with basically no practical experience or expertise in a certain field can be randomly assigned to be in charge of running that bit of a whole country is truly amazing.

“It’s basically a musical chairs kind of thing, where they just change seats and switch up jobs for no logical reason.

“I thought we were living in a meritocracy, so it’s great news for someone like me who has no qualifications and has basically spent their entire adult life cleaning up other people’s filth.

“I can’t wait for our reshuffle – I’m hoping for a senior management position in marketing.”