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Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool earn chance to bottle it on the biggest stage


Two dramatic Champions League semi-finals have seen English sides Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur snatch victory from the jaws of defeat for the chance to bottle it on the world’s biggest stage.

Both clubs have a reputation for crumbling when it matters most, but only one can do it in the final of the biggest competition in world football to be crowned biggest bottle jobs in Europe.

“We fought hard for this,” said Liverpool’s James Milner.

“Many people say beating Barcelona couldn’t be done, but we have our sights set on the final, where we can absolutely balls it right up in front of millions around the world.

“We might not have someone on the level of Steven Gerrard, but I’m sure any one of our squad can step up, or more accurately fall down at the crucial moment in the final.”

While Liverpool are confident of a total disaster, they are also the favourites to win the game, handing the advantage to Spurs who will be odds-on to completely fall apart in the final.

“I have complete confidence in my team,” manager Mauricio Pochettino said.

“Bottling it at the end of the season is in the Tottenham DNA and we haven’t fought this hard to get to the end of the tournament just to win it.”