Home Politics Tommy Robinson set to comment on Neo-Nazi paedophile terrorist any day now,...

Tommy Robinson set to comment on Neo-Nazi paedophile terrorist any day now, probably


UKIP candidate Tommy Robinson will definitely have something to say about Neo-Nazi Jack Renshaw who has been jailed for life for plotting a terrorist assassination, even though he has been pretty quiet about it up until now, reports suggest.

Renshaw was already serving a sentence for grooming young boys, which Robinson has remained tight-lipped about – presumably not to prejudice the ongoing trial that concluded today.

“I’m pretty sure Tommy will launch a strong comdenation of this dispicable man,” Robinson supporter Derek Martin said.

“Given that he’s absolutely not racist and totally just interested in terrorists and paedophiles, I know he is going to be absolutely furious about this guy.

“Obviously he has been a bit quieter on this issue than when it has been a muslim offender, but those videos of his don’t just happen out of nowhere – it takes weeks of deep research and preparation to create such high-quality journalism.”

Mr Renshaw planned to decapitate MP Rosie Cooper as well as police officer Victoria Henderson, who had been part of a team investigating him for child sex offences.

“It’s weird because this case has all the hallmarks of something Tommy would be going bananas over,” Mr Martin continued.

“Can’t put my finger on why he’s so quiet, but I look forward to hearing what he has to say about it.”