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Donald Trump grateful for book gift from Queen and can’t wait to colour it in


President Donald Trump has expressed his gratitude to Queen Elizabeth II for her gift of a first-edition copy of Churchill’s World War II book and says he can’t wait to get home and start colouring it in.

“It’s a truly thoughtful gift – she clearly knows me well,” Mr Trump said.

“After a long day of Presidenting, there’s nothing I enjoy more than to sit cross-legged on my race car bed and break out the crayons.

“I’m the very best at keeping in between the lines and everyone says my colouring in is the prettiest.

“I can’t wait to get to work on this one and I’ll be sure to show it to her when I next visit.”

White House sources confirmed that President Trump is indeed an avid amateur artist.

“It’s not uncommon for POTUS to excitedly reach for his crayons after he’s finished his nightly happy meal,” the source confirmed.

“The quality of his colouring generally depends on how many massive scandals have happened that day – he can become quite erratic if it looks like he might be impeached, which happens fairly regularly.

“But I’m not surprised he’s so pleased to receive a World War II book since he draws so many swastikas on things anyway. He’s clearly quite the history buff.”