Home Business ‘Serves you fuckwits right for wanting Brexit’, Ford tells Bridgend workers

‘Serves you fuckwits right for wanting Brexit’, Ford tells Bridgend workers


In a communication to all workers following news that it will close its Bridgend plant in 2020, Ford motors have highlighted that they were given fair fucking warning.

Bridgend, which voted 54.6% in favour of leaving the EU, faces job losses of up to 1,700 according to union officials and the company was quick to point out that they only had themselves to blame.

“Happy now you cunts?” the statement read.

“You were told there would be job losses and we even stated explicitly in a letter to you before the 2016 referendum that we may be forced to close Ford factories, but you dismissed it as project fear – well, enjoy project dole queue you stupid fucks.

“We’ll be fine because we’re rich, but good luck finding a new car manufacturing job in this absolute toilet of a town – Regards, Management.”

Employees were understandably upset with the news, but many chose to put on a brave face as they head into an uncertain period.

“It is but a minor blip on the road to precious sovereignty,” factory worker Darren Davis said.

“We knew there would be temporary hardship when we voted, although to be honest I did repeatedly say it was project fear and kind of only assumed any hardship would be reserved for brown people.

“I’ll just apply to be a doctor or something since there are going to be loads of vacancies – how hard can it be?”