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Men who tried to force lesbian couple to kiss looking forward to same treatment in prison


The group of men who beat up a lesbian couple after they refused to kiss for their entertainment have expressed excitement at the prospect of being in their shoes every single day for the duration of their very long prison sentence.

One of the assailants who cannot be named for legal reasons, told us: “It is an enormous privilege to be able to entertain so many sex-deprived maniacs.

“Some of them will want to watch two men kissing for their own lurid sexual gratification, while others will simply want to satisfy another lust – their primal need for brutal, unhinged violence.

“I just hope we don’t get put in the nonce wing where it’ll probably be a tough crowd.”

Prison inmates have also expressed their delight at the prospect of having the men staying with them.

“We are all very excited about these guys coming in to perform for us – there’s something there for everyone,” prisoner Marlon Grainger said.

“The rapists, murderers and rampant sex offenders are all licking their lips at the prospect of having a bunch of woman-beaters to get stuck into and one of them is actually drawing up a rota so everyone gets a fair go.

“There is some concern that they will be worn out with all the attention, but they’re clearly tough guys so they can probably take incessant poundings like the proper big strong men that they are.”