Home Politics Boris Johnson unveils pledge to help those struggling on just £50k

Boris Johnson unveils pledge to help those struggling on just £50k


In a bid to win support for his campaign to become leader of the Conservative Party, Boris Johnson has pledged a tax cut for people who are struggling to make ends meet with as little as £50,000-per-year.

Mr Johnson, who once dismissed his £250,000 secondary income from a weekly newspaper column as ‘chicken feed’, has committed to raising the 40% tax rate threshold to £80,000 if he becomes Prime Minister in order to help those less fortunate than himself.

“Of course, I must recognise that I am very fortunate to be absolutely fucking swimming in it,” he said.

“It’s important for any Prime Minister to understand that, to most people, £50,000 might be as much as you earn in a whole year rather than a figure you’d carelessly spunk on wine for a modest garden party.

“A single person living in London on that salary would find it difficult to afford a house cleaner, so this cash injection will immediately lift them out of such squalor.

“This small adjustment in tax thresholds will save the very poorest in our party membership from the indignity of shopping at Lidl.”

Supporters of Boris Johnson were quick to praise the move, with many claiming the Conservatives would once again seize the centre ground in British politics.

“It’s an absolute stroke of genius from Boris to snatch the poverty vote from under the noses of Labour,” fellow MP Marcus Bottletop said.

“If I wasn’t earning millions from my second job on the board of a weapons manufacturer, I too would be scraping by on the £79k I collect as an MP.

“In that case, Boris’ plan would make me £6,000-per-year better off, so I can relate to those who might be on a similarly low-wage and how much this policy will help them.”