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Glastonbury sniffer dog’s brain explodes


A police dog deployed at Glastonbury Festival to detect illicit substances has died after its head exploded shortly after the gates opened this morning.

Officers were sadly unable to revive Gavin the dog after the catastrophic reaction.

“Gavin got to work earlier this morning as the festival gates opened and immediately began to exhibit high levels of agitation,” commanding officer Robert Stick said.

“He was darting from person to person, signalling wildly, before moving onto the next person and you could see that everyone in the queue looked extremely concerned.

“As he approached an IC1 male with dreadlocks, he started barking uncontrollably and began to tug aggressively on his rainbow knitted tote bag.

“At that point, tragically, he became very unwell and we were unfortunately unable to save him because he no longer had a head.”

Festival organiser Michael Eavis expressed his sadness over the incident, but hoped it would not overshadow the festival.

“What happened was clearly absolutely dreadful and I have no idea what might have caused that reaction in a drug detection dog here at Glastonbury,” he said.

“I hope that we can now enjoy a festival fitting for a police officer of Gavin’s calibre and I’m sure everyone here will be thinking of him non-stop, all day and night for the next 5 days.”