Home Entertainment Diversity win! Daniel Craig will play James Bond in full blackface

Diversity win! Daniel Craig will play James Bond in full blackface


Following calls to cast a black actor in the role of James Bond, producers have responded by announcing that actor Daniel Craig will play the part fully blacked-up.

“We want to say to the many thousands of fans who have petitioned for Idris Elba to be cast as 007 that we hear you loud and clear,” a statement from the production company said.

“Today we are happy to announce that in the upcoming films, the character of James Bond will indeed be a black man, played by Daniel Craig.

“We have secured the services of the FX team who transformed Robert Downey Jr in Tropic Thunder, so fans can rest assured that this will be a class act.”

Craig himself said he thought long and hard about taking on the challenge, but in the end decided that it was his moral duty to lead the franchise in another direction.

“Of course I had reservations about whether or not I am the right actor to play a black Bond, but they were soon dispelled when the director pitched the vision to me and showed me some of the absolutely ground-breaking writing on their chequebook,” he said.

“It is a gruelling schedule, which sees me in makeup at 5am where they subtly adjust my skin tone and graft on a set of massive dreadlocks, but I think when the fans get see the film it’ll all be worth it.”