Home Politics Whole of Europe does wanker sign behind Brexit Party MEPs

Whole of Europe does wanker sign behind Brexit Party MEPs


As they turned their backs during a performance of the EU’s ‘Ode to Joy’ anthem in European Parliament, the rest of Europe took the opportunity to make rude signs at Brexit Party MEPs.

The classy protest tactic, which has previously been used by a totally different and separate party with distinct policy ideas known as ‘UKIP’, saw MEPs turn their backs on young musicians of the Strasbourg Philharmonic as they performed for them.

“Fuck those unelected bureaucratic kids and their Hitler Youth anthem,” Dr David Bull MEP said.

“By exercising our democratic right to peaceful protest here in this bastion of anti-democracy, the European Parliament, we are showing our foreign overlords that we reject the ideas and values of their dictatorship.

“However, we will continue to accept their generous salary and benefits package.”

While The Brexit Party will be pleased with the attention their protest has received, they may not be very happy with the reaction.

“We couldn’t help ourselves,” President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker said.

“When a bunch of tossers turn their backs on you, it’s just too tempting not to let them have it by giving them a big exaggerated ‘wanker’ gesture.

“I would like to apologise to the youth orchestra for not respecting their performance, but we needed their music to drown out our laughter.

“Some people adopted other gestures, such as the V-sign, which really demonstrates the wonderful range of cultures and opinions in this parliament – it was truly heart-warming to see.”