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Outrage as Disney reveals Sebastian will not be played by a real crab in Little Mermaid remake


Following complaints over the casting of Halle Bailey as Ariel in the upcoming remake of Disney’s Little Mermaid, fans have expressed anger that the character of Sebastian the crab will not be played by a literal crab.

“First they cast a black actress in the role of Ariel and now this?” superfan Alison O’Mally said.

“I’m disgusted that Disney have strayed so drastically from the original true story of Ariel, the half-fish-half-Caucasian teenager who befriends a talking Jamaican crab and gets banged by an adult human prince somehow.

“To overlook the many talented Caribbean crabs in favour of a CGI imitation voiced by a human being is not only a moral outrage, it also removes a layer of authenticity from an otherwise serious and important historical re-enactment.

“It’s crucial that Disney gets its facts right on this or frankly they face losing their core demographic – white people aged thirty and above.”

While some are clearly quite sensitive to change, the crab community is throwing their support behind whoever is chosen to play Sebastian in the new film.

“We are famously laid back here in the Caribbean, so it’s not a problem for us – they should just pick whoever is the best person or crustacean for the job and I’m sure they will,” Trevor the crab told us.

“Sure, there are only a limited number of roles for Jamaican crabs in big Hollywood movies, but with the studios warming to the concept of diversity in recent years, I’m actually now in the running to play Superman after Henry Cavill, so it’s swings and roundabouts really.”