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Spoiler Alert! Stranger Things 3 sees boys fight over a copy of Razzle they find in a bush


Season 3 of Stranger Things continues to draw heavily on nostalgic themes as the teenage boys find a dirty old copy of Razzle in a bush, but not without consequences for their friendship.

The storyline sees the characters embark on an adventure into the woods, where Eleven does some magic or whatever and accidentally uncovers a copy of the vintage British porn magazine, causing the boys to fight over who gets to take it home for a massive wank.

“As our protagonists grow into young men and women, we wanted to steer the show in a new direction, while maintaining the strong sense of nostalgia that fans of the show have come to know and love,” showrunner Ross Duffer said.

“Sure, monsters and stuff are undoubtedly a thrill, but what is more exciting for a young man in the 1980s than finding a crusty old porno mag in a bush?

“With four horny boys and just one magazine, we’ll begin to see it as a metaphorical wedge driven between their seemingly unbreakable friendships, as each of them becomes increasingly desperate to jerk off over Brenda from Carlisle.”

Initial reviews seem to be very positive, with fans reacting with huge affection to the scenes that hark back to a bygone era.

“This really takes me back to my youth – the magical pre-internet era where parks were edgy places, bustling with flashers and peppered with white dog shit,” fan of the show Terence Lightfoot said.

“It’s a lovely touch that they’ve gone with Razzle, as I was a massive Readers’ Wives fan and it’s a fantastic nod to the era that it is found in a massive bush.”