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5 Back To The Future Easter eggs Steven Spielberg hid in Schindler’s List


Hollywood legend Steven Spielberg is arguably the most influential filmmaker of the late 20th century, having made such era-defining blockbusters as Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park.

He was also executive producer on the iconic Back To The Future trilogy, with writer Robert Zemeckis crediting him for much of its incredible success. 

A little-known industry secret is that many Amblin Entertainment movies actually exist in the same universe and we’ve spotted some time travelling shenanigans in Spielberg’s historical drama Schindler’s List! 

This can’t be safe…

If you look carefully, during the tense basement scene where Amon Göth gets too close for comfort with a servant, we can see the same crate of uranium that Emmett Brown used to power his time machine! Awesome!

This can’t be a good sign…

As hundreds of children are led towards transportation lorries, you will notice that there’s something utterly wrong about this scene – that’s right, it’s the signpost for Hill Valley, which is actually thousands of miles away! Wow!

This is going to be absolutely no help…

In one of the opening scenes, we see Oscar Schindler getting ready to attend a party, but what’s that tucked behind his radio? It’s that pesky Sports Almanac. Damn you, Biff!

Where you’re going, you won’t need roads!

You’d be forgiven for being immersed in the drama as Rabbi Lewartow faces certain execution, but if you can take your eyes off the action for one second, you’ll see the flying Delorean pass through the shot. Cool!

Another Feinnes mess you’ve gotten into!

As grim justice is served at the end of the film, one person can’t bear to look, but who is that mystery figure? It’s our crazy Doc, of course! Good thing he didn’t mess with the space-time continuum or Schinder’s List would have been a terrible movie, right guys?

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