Home Politics Labour claims moral victory in Brecon by-election

Labour claims moral victory in Brecon by-election


Despite seeing their share of the vote drop by 12.4% in the Brecon by-election, with the Liberal Democrats securing overall victory, The Labour Party has claimed the all-important moral victory.

Jane Dodds was elected after overturning a Conservative majority of over 8,000 with 13,826 votes, but Labour activists have dismissed the numbers as meaningless.

“The main thing that these results show is that Brecon is a town choc full of centrist melts,” activist Barry Glover said.

“The Lib Dems have absolutely nothing to offer except overturning Brexit, so you have to ask yourself: do these people even care about local bus services?

“They may have won on paper, but we still occupy the most important seat of all – on the moral high ground.”

Dodds, whose election to parliament sees the Tories majority reduced to just 1, was gracious in victory and dismissed claims that she had won by playing the system.

“People might point to our pact with Plaid and the Greens, but much of our victory is owed to Jeremy Corbyn for graciously withdrawing from the contest,” she said.

“I mean, he didn’t explicitly say as such, but his refusal to commit on Brexit really cleared the path for us, so thank you, Jeremy!”