Home World REVEALED: Jeffrey Epstein died after stabbing himself in the back 34 times

REVEALED: Jeffrey Epstein died after stabbing himself in the back 34 times


A leaked coroner’s report appears to confirm that US financier Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide by stabbing himself in the back multiple times.

Epstein was found dead in his prison cell while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges allegedly linked to a number of high-profile public figures, meaning he will never face public scrutiny.

“There can be little doubt that the cause of death is suicide, resulting from catastrophic blood loss,” the report concludes.

“It is evident from the wounds that a disturbed Mr Epstein took it upon himself to violently thrust a large blade into his own back a total of 34 times, indicating a clear determination to end his own life.

“The ordeal would have been almost entirely inaudible to the prison guards, as he had tightly secured a plastic bag around his own head, ensuring he would lay undiscovered until 06:30am local time.”

Few will mourn for Epstein, given the damning evidence for heinous crimes he is alleged to have orchestrated, but the fact he will not face trial leaves many wondering what secrets he took with him.

“It is unfortunate that he was able to escape justice in such a cowardly fashion, but I really think we can draw a line under this one now,” President Donald Trump said in a brief statement from the White House lawn.

“The guy’s dead, right, so in a way he has already been punished and no doubt God will cast judgement on him too, so there’s really no need to look into the case in any greater detail as far as I’m concerned.”