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Burning crucifix shows ‘respect’ and ‘not racist’ say Inter Milan fans group


A group of Inter Milan fans claim Cagliari supporters were showing Romelu Lukaku a form of “respect” when they set fire to a giant crucifix behind the goal.

After previously defending the monkey chants aimed at Lukaku, the supporters group have rebuffed criticism of the cross burning, claiming it was a compliment.

“We display the cross of Jesus Christ because we worship the players, they are Gods to us,” the statement said.

“When it is ablaze, it is to signify that the player is on fire – an accolade of the highest order.

“The so-called monkey chants are actually a representation of how primitive we, as mere supporters, feel in the presence of such great athletes.

“Bananas are only thrown when we think players could do with the potassium.”

Lukaku reacted defiantly to the alleged abuse, claiming that it would only motivate him to do better.

“I left Britain to get away from the mad racists, but it looks like I’ve just upgraded,” he said.

“The best response to this behaviour is to score a winning goal in front of tens of thousands of the gormless peasants, then go back to my mansion in my luxury sports car and take time to think about how I can squander their pitiful wages in ever more frivolous ways.”