Home Politics Johnson cuts to the chase and crashes ‘Kill Remainers’ bus into Parliament

Johnson cuts to the chase and crashes ‘Kill Remainers’ bus into Parliament


Boris Johnson has stepped up his war of words with opposition MPs by unveiling his latest bus to the public, featuring the catchy slogan: Kill Remainers.

The Prime Minister faced criticism for his use of inflammatory language, but refused to back down or apologise, instead choosing to drive the new bus into the House of Commons in front of the gathered press.

“The time for wishy-washy beating around the bush is over,” Johnson said.

“The only way to respect democracy is by completely destroying any opposition and we’ll be touring remain constituencies in this magnificent bus, ploughing through collaborators until none are left.

“We have made a good start, by wiping out a small group of pro-EU traitors who were gathered on Parliament Square just now when I was doing doughnuts and I invite all patriots to join the cause with the same vigour.

“Our great nation will never surrender to ourselves!”

The bold new strategy, presumably from the formidable galaxy brain of the PM’s adviser Dominic Cummings, is unlikely to win many new votes, but instead will seek to solidify the hardcore Brexit vote.

“Mass murder of political opponents is likely to be controversial in some quarters, but this will play well with Boris’ base,” political correspondent Stephanie Fergal said.

“In many ways it’s classic BoJo japery, grabbing all the headlines with zany stunt – he’s such a showman!”