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Deleted scene shows John Lewis dragon skinned for designer handbag


An alternative ending to the John Lewis Christmas advert depicts the main protagonist being skinned alive to make a designer handbag, it has emerged.

In the ad, a hapless dragon called Excitable Edgar wreaks havoc on a small village, incinerating their beloved Christmas decorations. The final version sees Edgar win over the angry villagers by setting fire to a Christmas pudding, but a much darker ending was left on the cutting room floor.

“We originally had the townspeople chasing him down with pitchforks, before stringing him up in the square where the charred remains of their Christmas tree stood,” one insider told us.

“The angry mob, furious that he had destroyed the one sliver of joy in their bleak and meaningless lives, enacted brutal revenge by skinning him alive.

“We then cut to a middle class woman picking up a handbag in the luxury section of our flagship London store and the big reveal is that it’s little Edgar’s face.

“The final heartwarming scene would show the town gathered around the Christmas dining table, feasting on roast dragon and counting the gold they’d earned from selling the handbags.

“In the end they opted for a softer ending where everyone is somehow impressed by a tiny pudding that would serve about 4 people.”

John Lewis refused to confirm or deny whether the leaked footage was genuine, but did take the opportunity to comment on this year’s blockbuster advertisement.

“We’d like to stress that no animals were harmed in the making of this advert – that only happens when we make our products,” a spokesman said.

“We are overwhelmed by the positive reaction to our Christmas ads every year and to see the same slavish fawning over Edgar this year just goes to prove that the traditional spirit of material consumerism is alive and well.”