Home Entertainment Andrew Neil challenges his toupee supplier to face tough questions

Andrew Neil challenges his toupee supplier to face tough questions


Broadcaster Andrew Neil has publicly criticised the man who made his hairpiece for refusing to defend his record in an interview.

“It’s only right that this man faces scrutiny,” Neil said.

“If he were willing to join me in the studio, I would ask him if he thought gluing a small section of doormat to my massive dome was really going to fool anyone.

“This is a man who expects the public to put their trust in him, but if he can’t answer a few questions about his record of making toupees that look like an abandoned Blue Peter art project then I’m afraid it will not reflect very well on him.”

Nobody from Syrup & Sons Bespoke Wigmakers Ltd was available to respond to the criticism in person, but they did issue the following written statement:

“While we appreciate all feedback, whether positive or negative, we do not feel that it is in the public interest to broadcast what would essentially be a client consultation.

“As we said to BBC Rogue Traders, it would be a flagrant waste of license payers’ money to indulge in such unnecessary programming.

“We are very proud of our record of providing realistic hair alternatives to the stars and have a number of very satisfied customers in the public eye including John Travolta, Michael Fabricant and Michael Gove who absolutely loves his lambs wool merkin.”