Home Politics Fans rocked by unexpected twist in US remake of ‘Magic Grandpa’

Fans rocked by unexpected twist in US remake of ‘Magic Grandpa’


Fans of the American remake of Magic Grandpa were rocked last night after beloved protagonist Bernie Sanders was dealt a significant blow by bitter rival Joe Biden, who secured a string of victories in the Democratic leadership race on Super Tuesday.

Magic Grandpa is based on the British tragi-comedy of the same name, which featured Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and his futile attempts to gain credibility and power, with Sanders adopting the role of socialist pensioner stateside.

Sanders supporters were left shaken after Biden’s unexpected resurgence, with many feeling disillusioned with the direction of the show.

“Nobody on my Twitter feed saw this coming,” Sanders supporter Hank Toddson said.

“I guess it’s good that it’s not going to be a straight copy of the UK version, but everyone was rooting for Bernie, apart from the people that voted for other candidates obviously.

“Biden does not possess the magical superpowers required to defeat Trump, so I can’t explain why they’ve taken the show in this new direction – hopefully things will turnaround before the finale.

“Bernie is clearly the only candidate capable of winning a general election, even though he’s struggling to win the Democratic one.”

Sanders was defiant following his rough night at the polls, insisting he was still the right man to take on Trump’s Republicans at the next election.

“The top 1% have once again turned out to vote in huge numbers,” he said.

“We are not going to defeat Trump with the same old politics of 5 years ago, this is going to take bold and innovative ideas, like the ones I’ve held onto resolutely for the past 50 years.”