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Man embarks on exotic three-day holiday to Latina section of PornHub


A British man is beating the lockdown blues enjoying a bank holiday getaway to a new and exciting region of the internet.

Terence Lightfoot has spent the last 6 weeks diligently working through the MILF section of of PornHub, but felt that the long weekend was the perfect time for a holiday.

“I just felt like I needed a change of scenery,” he said.

“Like most people who are working from home, I’ve been diligently ploughing through the endless swirling vortex of depravity on the web, which can feel like a hopeless task at times. It’s like having a second job.

“So I thought: ‘sometimes a change is as good as a break’ and decided to embark on an exciting foray into the exotic world of the Latina section of PornHub. 

“I’ve got my tanning oil, poured myself a cocktail and I’ll see you in three days.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson singled out the man for praise and urged others to follow his lead.

“Mr Lightfoot is an inspiration to all of us who are enduring this unprecedented lockdown for COVID-19,” he said.

“This exactly the kind of positive Blitz spirit that we’re celebrating this VE Day weekend and I would urge all patriotic Brits to find their own innovative ways to raise spirits.

“Personally, I’ll be taking a leaf out of Terence’s book by visiting my Thai masseuse for a nice relaxing mini-break.”