Thursday, December 5, 2019
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Coronation Chicken ‘treasonous’

Coronation Chicken has been ruled treasonous by the Queen.

Richard Branson firing himself into space not as good as it...

Following Sir Richard Branson's claim that he could be launched into space within months on a Virgin Galactic flight, experts have warned that the public should not get their hopes up and that he would likely return to earth.

Chris Grayling’s cleaner wearily resumes daily routine of removing excrement from...

A cleaner employed by Chris Grayling has begun the process of removing human faeces from the sink for the 500th consecutive day.

Driverless Uber still somehow manages to sexually assault passenger

A driverless taxi being tested by Uber has hit a snag in development after a test passenger filed a sexual assault complaint.

Rugby lads crank up homoerotic activity ahead of Six Nations final

Very-much-straight rugby lads across the United Kingdom have increased their homoerotic activity in the build up to the Six Nations final.

Moonie sightings at lowest level since records began

Researchers have claimed that there were only six confirmed moonies spotted in the wild last year.

Fold-up bike sitting there all smug like it’s clever

A collapsible, fold-up bicycle is quietly mocking you because it feels intellectually superior.

5 pictures of Troy Deeney for no reason

Here are five pictures of Watford footballer Troy Deeney for you and your loved ones to enjoy completely free of charge, just because.

Normal person watches Prime Minister’s Questions

A normal and sane human being has intentionally watched Prime Minister’s Questions as it happened, according to reports.

Men named Louis urged to just agree on one way to...

Men who have been given the name Louis have been told to collectively pick one pronunciation and be done with it.