Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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5 pictures of Troy Deeney for no reason

Here are five pictures of Watford footballer Troy Deeney for you and your loved ones to enjoy completely free of charge, just because.

Normal person watches Prime Minister’s Questions

A normal and sane human being has intentionally watched Prime Minister’s Questions as it happened, according to reports.

Men named Louis urged to just agree on one way to...

Men who have been given the name Louis have been told to collectively pick one pronunciation and be done with it.

Everything just a fucking ordeal

Nothing is ever fucking easy, according to a study.

Baby holding “I’m six weeks old” sign grasps intricate concept of...

An infant human being, who has not yet developed hand-eye coordination, has evidently grasped the complexities of space-time, according to reports.

‘Competitive’ job salary so good it must be kept secret

A job vacancy advertised online has a salary that is so impressive that it must be kept secret at all costs.

Skidmark enters third day on toilet bowl

A skidmark left by an enormous human log, stretching down the back of a toilet bowl, has entered its third day unchallenged.

Local DJs bid emotional farewell to R Kelly’s Ignition Remix

DJs at local nightclubs across the world have played R Kelly's Ignition Remix for the final time, following his indictment on numerous sexual abuse charges.