Sunday, August 18, 2019
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Is it right to label Donald Trump a ‘racist’?

Having studied his words and actions, we give our view on whether claims that Donald Trump is a racist are correct.

‘Cocaine submarine’ also Gove’s codeword for when Sarah Vine blows it...

After US Coast Guards intercepted a submarine carrying an estimated £185m worth of cocaine, Michael Gove has revealed that it is actually a term he uses for a method if recreational use.

Tommy Robinson sentenced to further 3 months for crimes against fashion

After receiving a 9 month prison sentence for contempt of court, a high court judge has rounded Tommy Robinson’s jail term up to a whole year after noting his numerous sartorial offences.

Love Island villa deeply divided over interpretations of Nietzsche’s Übermensch

Contestants on ITV’s hit show Love Island have clashed over one of the great philosophical questions – what Nietzsche really meant when he discussed the Übermensch.

REVEALED: The 4 luxury items Tommy Robinson will take into prison...

After being sentenced for 9 months in prison for contempt of court, Tommy Robinson has revealed the 4 essentials he’ll be stuffing into his anus to take with him.

Alexa’s hive brain celebrates first step towards eradication of humanity

Following the announcement that Amazon’s Alexa device will give official NHS advice, the hive brain that powers it has celebrated the news as a first step in its master plan.

5 Back To The Future Easter eggs Steven Spielberg hid in...

A little-known industry secret is that many Amblin Entertainment movies actually exist in the same universe and we’ve spotted some time travelling shenanigans in Spielberg’s historical drama Schindler’s List!

Next-door neighbour getting laid big time

Your next door neighbour is having sex and boy is she having a great time.

Fuck yeah! Badass kids as young as seven involved in drug...

Some children are so badass that they’re being recruited at primary school age by super-cool drugs gangs, according to a report by the Children’s Society.

‘If you were actually a slave, you’d have been euthanised by...

Following her claim that the British people are slaves to the European Union, officials have responded by stating that if she were their slave they would have had her shot by now.