Home Do you have the correct left-wing credentials to join Labour?

    Do you have the correct left-wing credentials to join Labour?


    Tony Blair is photographed drinking a cup of tea. What do you do?

    A young Jewish activist reports anti-semitic abuse from another member. How should we tackle it?

    An asteroid is headed to earth and the Lib Dems support a plan to destroy it. Shall we?

    Jeremy Corbyn sits in chocolate and the newspapers have a field day. How do we respond?

    Your parents die in a horrific paintballing accident and leave you everything. What now?

    Someone tuts under their breath because they've been in a GP waiting room for 2 hours. Are they justified?

    Somebody tells you they went on their first protest march – against Brexit. What is your response?

    A Labour MP suggests an alternative policy to the official leadership position. What now?

    A fellow member admits that they once voted for another party. What do you say?

    Labour loses another general election and Jeremy Corbyn steps down as leader. Who should replace him?

    Do you have the correct left-wing credentials to join Labour?
    No. You're a Tory.

    Are you fucking kidding? You're so right wing you should just fuck off to join the Tories and be done with it. Maybe take a five minute break from wanking over Thatcher to have a good hard look at yourself in the mirror, you capitalist pig.
    Absolutely not.

    You are the worst of the worst, the sub-human class of cunt that makes child molesters look like pillars of the community. That's right - you're a Lib Dem and we in Labour would rather everyone died out of proud moral principle than court your tainted little snide vote. Piss off.
    In your dreams.

    LOL! No chance you fucking moron. You might think you lean to the left, but you’re doing it so wrong you're nothing more than an embarrassing fraud. Pretenders like you are not welcome in our great party. Maybe those freaks in the Greens will take you - leave socialism to the grown ups.

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