Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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Government adds polo, hunting and ‘the rugger’ to list of approved...

Following advice that playing golf and tennis would now be allowed under lockdown, the government has gone even further and opened up a number of additional posh activities.

Man embarks on exotic three-day holiday to Latina section of PornHub

A British man is beating the lockdown blues enjoying a bank holiday getaway to a new and exciting region of the internet.

Deputy PM Raab gets to work after being given fake ‘UK...

Acting Prime Minister Dominic Raab says he is getting down to the serious job of running the country by diligently pressing buttons on what he believes are the controls to the United Kingdom.

PornHub triples server capacity as employees encouraged to work from home

Adult entertainment website PornHub.com has announced that it has tripled its current server capacity in order to cope with increased traffic during the Coronavirus pandemic.