Friday, February 28, 2020
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Tommy Robinson sentenced to further 3 months for crimes against fashion

After receiving a 9 month prison sentence for contempt of court, a high court judge has rounded Tommy Robinson’s jail term up to a whole year after noting his numerous sartorial offences.

REVEALED: The 4 luxury items Tommy Robinson will take into prison...

After being sentenced for 9 months in prison for contempt of court, Tommy Robinson has revealed the 4 essentials he’ll be stuffing into his anus to take with him.

Yellow vest protester found guilty of being a massive virgin

Self-styled “yellow vest” protester James Goddard has been found guilty of being a total virgin.

Michael Gove believes he was sold real cocaine

Conservative leadership contender Michael Gove believes the substance he took at social events was actually real drugs, according to reports.

Boris Johnson to appear in court to face unprecedented free publicity

Tory leadership hopeful Boris Johnson will be summonsed to court so he can receive an enormous amount of free publicity, according to reports.

Tommy Robinson set to comment on Neo-Nazi paedophile terrorist any day...

UKIP candidate Tommy Robinson will definitely have something to say about Neo-Nazi Jack Renshaw who has been jailed for life for plotting a terrorist assassination, even though he has been pretty quiet about it up until now, reports suggest.

WhatsApp releases picture of man wanted in connection with security breach

Following a security breach that allowed hackers to monitor mobile device cameras and microphones through their app, messaging service WhatsApp have released a picture of their prime suspect.