Sunday, September 20, 2020
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Fans rocked by unexpected twist in US remake of ‘Magic Grandpa’

Fans of the American remake of Magic Grandpa were rocked last night after beloved protagonist Bernie Sanders was dealt a significant blow by bitter rival Joe Biden, who secured a string of victories in the Democratic leadership race on Super Tuesday.

Labour claims moral victory in Brecon by-election

Despite seeing their share of the vote drop by 12.4% in the Brecon by-election, with the Liberal Democrats securing overall victory, The Labour Party has claimed the all-important moral victory.

Theresa May promises to look at Nigel Farage’s letter first thing...

After delivering a letter to 10 Downing Street outlining his vision for Brexit, Nigel Farage has revealed that Theresa May promised him she’ll look at it on Monday as she’s quite busy today.

Last remaining Conservative MP admits defeat and enters leadership contest

Marcus Bottletop, the only sitting Conservative MP who was yet to announce they are running for leader, has bowed to peer-pressure, according to reports.

Labour spokesman seeks to clarify ‘crystal clear’ Brexit policy for 8,294th...

A spokesman for the Labour Party says that their Brexit policy is absolutely clear, but again sought to clarify remarks made by MPs which many felt contradicted each other.

Boris Johnson to appear in court to face unprecedented free publicity

Tory leadership hopeful Boris Johnson will be summonsed to court so he can receive an enormous amount of free publicity, according to reports.

Disgusting! This military veteran pensioner had milkshake thrown at him by...

In shocking scenes, a 61-year-old war veteran was attacked by militant lefties armed with milkshakes.

“Feel the control!” screams sweating, shirtless Mark Francois

Brexiteer MP Mark Francois has been pictured running through Parliament with his shirt off, screaming wildly and sweating profusely.

Britain heads to the polls to fuck shit up

The people of Britain are marching to their local polling station with a firm conviction to completely fuck things up.

The only way to defeat The Brexit Party is to vote...

The Labour Party has made a bold appeal to disillusioned Remainers, by claiming a vote for their Brexit-supporting party is the only way to defeat Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party in the EU elections.