Sunday, May 31, 2020
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REVEALED: The 4 luxury items Tommy Robinson will take into prison...

After being sentenced for 9 months in prison for contempt of court, Tommy Robinson has revealed the 4 essentials he’ll be stuffing into his anus to take with him.

Hundreds of sex offenders released after declaring that victims were not...

Hundreds of men who had been jailed for horrific sex crimes were released today after citing the ‘Trump Defence’ that the victim wasn’t their type.

Men who tried to force lesbian couple to kiss looking forward...

The group of men who beat up a lesbian couple after they refused to kiss for their entertainment have expressed excitement at the prospect of being in their shoes every single day for the duration of their very long prison sentence.

Boris Johnson to appear in court to face unprecedented free publicity

Tory leadership hopeful Boris Johnson will be summonsed to court so he can receive an enormous amount of free publicity, according to reports.

Tommy Robinson set to comment on Neo-Nazi paedophile terrorist any day...

UKIP candidate Tommy Robinson will definitely have something to say about Neo-Nazi Jack Renshaw who has been jailed for life for plotting a terrorist assassination, even though he has been pretty quiet about it up until now, reports suggest.

Britain’s prison inmates consider whether they will rape Carl Benjamin

Prisoners across the nation are entering discussions to decide whether or not they will rape UKIP candidate Carl Benjamin, following a police...

Coronation Chicken ‘treasonous’

Coronation Chicken has been ruled treasonous by the Queen.

Local DJs bid emotional farewell to R Kelly’s Ignition Remix

DJs at local nightclubs across the world have played R Kelly's Ignition Remix for the final time, following his indictment on numerous sexual abuse charges.