Monday, July 13, 2020
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Whole of Europe does wanker sign behind Brexit Party MEPs

As they turned their backs during a performance of the EU's 'Ode to Joy' anthem in European Parliament, the rest of Europe took the opportunity to make rude signs at Brexit Party MEPs.

Yellow vest protester found guilty of being a massive virgin

Self-styled “yellow vest” protester James Goddard has been found guilty of being a total virgin.

The art of self-defence, with Mark Field MP

With violent crime seemingly on the rise and the ever-present threat of terrorism hanging over the UK, there has never been a better time to brush up on the basic rules of self-defence. MP Mark Field gives us his top tips for staying safe in a dangerous world.

Disgusting! This military veteran pensioner had milkshake thrown at him by...

In shocking scenes, a 61-year-old war veteran was attacked by militant lefties armed with milkshakes.

Nigel Farage receives grassroots donation of £1.59 McDonald’s milkshake

As PayPal donations to The Brexit Party begin to come under scrutiny, leader Nigel Farage has been caught accepting a donation of one banana milkshake, it has emerged.