Thursday, October 29, 2020
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Burning crucifix shows ‘respect’ and ‘not racist’ say Inter Milan fans...

A group of Inter Milan fans claim Cagliari supporters were showing Romelu Lukaku a form of "respect" when they set fire to a giant crucifix behind the goal.

Government adds #KnifeFree branding to Reggae Reggae Sauce

After successfully launching a campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of knife crime by adding warnings to takeaway chicken boxes, the government has expanded the scheme to include all Reggae Reggae Sauce packaging.

Trump bulldozing 500 Mexican children into mass grave does not constitute...

Republican politicians have rejected claims that Donald Trump is driving the party into fascism after he was pictured gleefully dumping the bodies of 500 Mexican children into a mass grave.

Is it right to label Donald Trump a ‘racist’?

Having studied his words and actions, we give our view on whether claims that Donald Trump is a racist are correct.

Tommy Robinson sentenced to further 3 months for crimes against fashion

After receiving a 9 month prison sentence for contempt of court, a high court judge has rounded Tommy Robinson’s jail term up to a whole year after noting his numerous sartorial offences.

‘Brown Sauce’ to be renamed ‘White People Sauce’ following complaints

Brown Sauce manufacturers are now legally obliged to label the product ‘White People Sauce’ following backlash from ethnic minority communities.