Monday, July 13, 2020
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‘Surely you’d prefer it if we focused on dementia?’ scientists ask...

Responding to Ann Widdecombe’s comment that one day ‘science might find an answer’ for homosexuality, scientists have asked her if she might perhaps be more keen for them to find a cure for dementia instead.

Last remaining Conservative MP admits defeat and enters leadership contest

Marcus Bottletop, the only sitting Conservative MP who was yet to announce they are running for leader, has bowed to peer-pressure, according to reports.

Labour spokesman seeks to clarify ‘crystal clear’ Brexit policy for 8,294th...

A spokesman for the Labour Party says that their Brexit policy is absolutely clear, but again sought to clarify remarks made by MPs which many felt contradicted each other.

“Feel the control!” screams sweating, shirtless Mark Francois

Brexiteer MP Mark Francois has been pictured running through Parliament with his shirt off, screaming wildly and sweating profusely.

Men named Louis urged to just agree on one way to...

Men who have been given the name Louis have been told to collectively pick one pronunciation and be done with it.