Monday, July 13, 2020
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Tardigrades crash-landed on the moon so they don’t have to come...

A group of tardigrades that were travelling on an Israeli spacecraft that crash-landed on the moon in April are alive and well and have no intention of coming back to this god-awful planet, according to reports.

Boris Johnson pays tribute to Wallace and Gromit on anniversary of...

Boris Johnson has praised British entrepreneurs Wallace and Gromit for being the first men on the moon, some 30 years ago, and held them up as an example of Britain making a success on its own.

Elon Musk stunned after his ‘mind-reading’ NeuraLink technology reveals everyone thinks...

As human trails begin on his NeuraLink technology, which connects the human brain to a computer interface, founder Elon Musk is said to be have mixed feelings about the initial results.

Alexa’s hive brain celebrates first step towards eradication of humanity

Following the announcement that Amazon’s Alexa device will give official NHS advice, the hive brain that powers it has celebrated the news as a first step in its master plan.

NewsLoad daily site traffic halved to just 2 people following Facebook...

An outage affecting Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp has had a devastating impact on the internet, with visitor numbers at dropping by 50% on average to just 2 people.

‘Surely you’d prefer it if we focused on dementia?’ scientists ask...

Responding to Ann Widdecombe’s comment that one day ‘science might find an answer’ for homosexuality, scientists have asked her if she might perhaps be more keen for them to find a cure for dementia instead.

WhatsApp releases picture of man wanted in connection with security breach

Following a security breach that allowed hackers to monitor mobile device cameras and microphones through their app, messaging service WhatsApp have released a picture of their prime suspect.

Richard Branson firing himself into space not as good as it...

Following Sir Richard Branson's claim that he could be launched into space within months on a Virgin Galactic flight, experts have warned that the public should not get their hopes up and that he would likely return to earth.

Driverless Uber still somehow manages to sexually assault passenger

A driverless taxi being tested by Uber has hit a snag in development after a test passenger filed a sexual assault complaint.

Fold-up bike sitting there all smug like it’s clever

A collapsible, fold-up bicycle is quietly mocking you because it feels intellectually superior.